maandag 14 juli 2014

booh-ya (or something)

just hanging out with my fluffy family
having no life and taking pictures of myself
hah i'm just letting you know i'm still alive
although i ááálmost was buried beneath all the lovely comments
hope you're having a lovely week
< 3

donderdag 26 juni 2014


it sure is a strange place to live in, this boy's home
especially because i spend the first few months on the couch haha
(ah i am still so glad i have my own space here now)
for example, waking up here it is always a suprise how many people will be downstairs
often i walk downstairs, finding a sleeping stranger on the couch
i can always demand a hug somewhere from someone
and at night there's often people gaming downstairs
so when i'm unable to sleep, i can still listen to their ''conversations'' 
''coversations'', because they get quite excited when gaming, and it's more like shouting hahah
it's also quite exhausting sometimes
but i think that's normal, when you've got roommates right?
i'm just glad i'm not living alone right now (:

woensdag 18 juni 2014

the light hits

me and my infected eye had the oppertunity
 to make pictures at my old room again
the light there is just.. ah. i miss it.
i don't have much to tell, except that my body
is infecting everywhere, and my energy hasn't been this low in ages
i am a little worried so i'm seeing docters again
further i just try to take care of ronja and melle the best i can
and that's enough at the moment.
right now i have ronja at my right, and melle at my left
and we're watching some old episodes from new girl

sleep tight
don't let the bedbugs bite

maandag 16 juni 2014

because lately it's been only

oh come on legs
let us walk together 
to the end of this road
take me there where the others go
don't stop walking
don't tell me what i don't want to know

donderdag 5 juni 2014


 just ronja demanding a hug, and me standing in the yard wearing my new secondhand blouse
look at the patternnnn!
 ''oh come on dorus, take a picture with me!''
 some new things arrived at my home!
this alice in wonderland bag, for example (here)
annnnd this bathing suit from romwe
and these supercute shoes from asianicandy
ever since i have gotten my room, i kinda broke down physically 
nothing strange, as i had been sleeping on the couch for so long
but now i'm feeling a bit zombie hahah
but before i went zombie-like, i had quite some lovely weeks!
it was sunny and warm outside and i have spend most of my time at the river
it's such a blessing to live so nearby that kind of nature
everyday, i walk by the same old man
he's always sitting on his walker in front of his house, cathing sunlight
i greet him, and he always calls back ''hello darling! how's today?'' 
he kind of looks like the grandpa in the animation movie 'Up'
you know, the old wrinkly kind of face that looks real kind.

maandag 26 mei 2014

they drew me redhead

ah, everytime i find a drawing in my inbox, my heart jumps a little
i just can't believe how amazing these works are
and how talented so many of my readers are
in order from top to bottom, i want to thank
for making, and sharing these lovely pieces of art.
it's incredibly flattering and i'm just so thankful (:

vrijdag 23 mei 2014

ronja update!

 i just realised how little i have told you all about ronja
and even though i take tons of pictures of her
i hardly share, which is a shame.
so hah., here are some pictures i took from her last month
before she got a haircut hahah
i walk along the Ijssel with her everyday and she loves it so much
she has even taken her first real swim already!
she is such a happy jolly pup, everyone loves her from the moment they meet her
when we're waiting in front of a trafficlight, she always starts greeting the people waiting along with us 
in minutes everyone's smiling and saying how sweet she is
it's strange how many more people talk to you when you have a dog

ah and there's some reaaaal good news!
after 5 months of sleeping on the couch and stealing beds
i finally have a room!
it's as good as finished, and i even have a matress to sleep on
now i only need to do some finishing touches, get my clothes here
and get some lights
i'll be uploading a picture of it on my instagram any soon!
and some better pictures here when it's done (:

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

birthday boy

 as promised, the pictures from rein's birthday party!
they're all taken by Niek Doup
except the last one.
 i made that one.
it was really pretty lovely!
i've just had my cuddle hour with melle, and now i am off to bed
sweet dreams, sleep tight
and don't let the bedbugs bite